On the Kaidi Artwork

Photographer Adrian Wood is the man responsible for the cover-artwork for In Search Of Hope, the upcoming album from Kaidi Tatham. On the Freedom School website he speaks about the shooting, where he first met Kaidi.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Adrian Wood

We had to wait a while to get in the recording studio, but when Kaidi and Akwasi finally arrived it was all good. As soon as we stepped through the door, Kaidi dropped his bag and jumped straight on the drum kit and started banging out drum patterns for about 20 minutes straight! They were good rhythms too!

Then my assistant and I set up the lights and Kaidi jumped on the Rhodes and started vibing, almost forgetting about the camera, it was totally natural and organic. As we all started to get into the rhythm of the shoot he started telling us stories about Japan and why we should go. He was making us laugh, we stopped shooting at one point we were laughing so much! Said that the people there really submerge themselves into the music and also said I could pick up great rare vinyl and even rarer trainers, a perfect combination! (Freedom school, where's my ticket!)

In between shooting, Kaidi would disappear and watch jazz videos on youtube and listen to music, I could hear him engaged in deep musical conversations with Akwasi about music, stuff that was way over my head.

He's definitely got lots of energy that the music seems to absorb in a positive way. I'm a fan of his and the whole bugz crew, so it was a pleasure to shoot him. I hope the pictures do the amazing music justice.

Kaidi Tatham.
He's a music man.

Adrian Wood

More pictures from the shooting can be found here, unfortunately only in thumbnails size.

Published on November 17, 2008

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