o1o - Bread and Circuses EP

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Oakland's Aybee is back with a new EP under the o1o moniker. On Bread and Circuses he keeps it deep, but with a different twist than the music on the East Oakland Space Program album from earlier this year.

Not sure how to describe the music best. It's not house or techno, this is definitely more hip-hop influenced. The third track features vocals from Malena Perez, you might remember it from the video I mentioned before on Twitter.01. The Meeting
02. Moonstalk
03. Refuge feat. Malena Perez
04. Release The Kraken

You can listen to two of the tracks in full-length on the Deepblak SoundCloud. Or get your copy directly from the label.

Published on November 07, 2009

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