Nu Era - The Third Adam

What started as another 4hero moniker, soon became Marc Mac's solo outlet for futuristic beats, stylistically at home somewhere between Detroit and West London sound. When broken beat came to an end in 2006, it seemed the days of Nu Era were over as well, especially with Marc's increased focus to hip hop. Turns out that isn't true and there's a full album coming your way later this month.01. Microchip Angel
02. Four Days Earlier
03. The Third Adam
04. Dye Menshun
05. Robot Moves
06. Dream Frequency
07. Swing Machines
08. You In The Strobe Light
09. Jacob's Looking Glass
10. Project Eve
11. Eighty Seven
12. Sweet Tweets
13. Warped Soul
14. Semiconducting
15. Arcadians

Apart from Robot Moves, it seems like these are mostly new tracks. The Third Adam will be available as limited CD release and as download title, both can be pre-ordered on Marc's Bandcamp page.

Published on May 03, 2013

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