Nidhogg (with music by Daedelus)

I think we might have our first video game post here. And while it might seem so, it's only in part because of the soundtrack being delivered by Los Angeles dweller Daedelus. Looks like we have a truly cool game here, whether you're into the Atari 2600-inspired graphics or not. The main concept of the game is dead-simple: to fight your opponent in a duel to the death. Those fights are far from the complexity of any Street Fighter II-clone, even the original International Karate game is far off–think of a fast-paced Bruce Lee clone. What makes this game really clever though, is its multiplayer mode. The winner of each duel decides the direction the game takes, by progressing to the next level. However, each player is moving into a different direction, so the possibilities to finish the game are seemingly endless, as the fun to get there inexplicably great.

Nidhogg scores a 83 on Metacritic and Game Trailers gave it a 9.0 rating. Available on Steam for the Windows platform.

Published on January 21, 2014

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