New bits from Bembe Segue

Oh right, wasn't there talk about a solo-album from Bembe Segue a long time ago? I forgot myself and was only reminded when she uploaded some new tracks on her MySpace page.

I'll find a myriad of excuses why not to add new tunes….”its not ready”, “its not mixed”, ” arrangement still needs work”, “hmmm not sure about the lyric in verse 3”, “its too jazz, certain peeps wont like it”, “it's not jazz enough- certain peeps wont like it”, “its too broken”..”.its not broken enough”,”i like it but is it ‘bembe'?” […] I have a confession - over 1,000 tunes sit on various hard drives all mentally listed with one of the above excuses

I don't want to claim that Bembe has a creative block, but she doesn't sound too sure about her work. Go and read the full blog entry to see what I mean, and send her some love and encouragement. Just in case that she really deleted the post in the meantime, as she said she might, I got a screenshot of that entry.

Published on February 01, 2009

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