NameBrandSound - Nowadays Pressure EP

I first heard about NameBrandSound, the new project by IG Culture and Bugz in the Attic's Alex Phountzi, when the latter sent me a track some months ago. Back then I wasn't too impressed by most music categorized as juke. Yes, it had a certain energy and rawness that was compelling, but on the downside most of the music sounded cheap. All of that has changed when DJ Rashad's Double Cup came out on Hyperdub, as it introduced a more coherent, organic sound.

I'm happy to say that the debut EP by NameBrandSound brings along the mature production quality, while keeping the raw energy of its American cousin. It's good to hear the duo venturing into something new and I'm looking forward to where they'll take their experimentations with the genre in the future. The four tracker was released yesterday on Ninja Tune sublabel Technicolour and is available on vinyl and digital download. Order your copy directly from the label or try Bleep, iTunes or your favourite record store.

PS: You might also want to checkout the NameBrandSound mixtape on Solid Steel

Published on April 08, 2014

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