Moonstarr - Farfisa 45

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Kevin Moon's Montreal-based label Public Transit has put out its first 7″, a collaboration between Moonstarr and organist Tony Ezzy.

Moonstarr teams up with Montreal's funkiest musician Tony Ezzy on PTRs first 7inch 45 rpm! Farfisa 45 is guaranteed to heat up any dance floor. The songs pay homage to great Brazilian organists like Walter Wanderley and Ed Lincon. Featuring dirty drum breaks and samples played by Moonstarr and jazzy Farfisa Organ work by Tony Ezzy.

While doing some research on the record, I stumbled across three different release dates. However, the record should also be available in most recordshops by now, I spotted it at Juno and Rush Hour.

You know you support this best when you buy directly from the label, Public Transit sells it for unbeatable $3.5!

If you don't call a record-player your own, you can get a Farfisa 45 from digital stores worldwide, including big players like iTunes or Amazon.

Published on December 02, 2009

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