Monkey_Sequence.19 - Substantial 12 Monkeys

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

From Japanese label Wonderful Noise Productions I received this preview to the upcoming album “Substantial 12 Monkeys” from Monkey Sequence.19. The young producer under the wings of DJ Mitsu the Beats has previously put out a 12-inch on the Show Tiku Bai label, the album is to follow in early 2010.01. Planet Bird
02. Summer Blu
03. Root Song
04. Pyramidal3000
05. Close Ya Mouse
06. 12Monkeys
07. Sunrise
08. Are You Gonna Love Me?
09 .Lazy Lovin'
10. Star People
11. Beautiful Soldiers
12. The Love 4 U
Judging from the snippets, fans of both Japanese hip-hop and the Brainfeeder family should watch out for the release. Below you can listen for yourself.

There's no exact date from the label yet, but expect “Substantial 12 Monkeys” to be released in February 2010.

Published on December 11, 2009

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