Lukid - Chord

Lukid - Chord

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With music from Zomby, Lone, or his own Actress moniker, Darren J. Cunningham's Werk Discs imprint has continously released some highly acclaimed albums in the last couple of years. What most of you will agree on, is that we would have loved to see those albums released on proper vinyl.

Of course vinyl has become a luxury not many labels can afford, but I'm most delighted to see Lukid's Chords will be pressed on three discs. Among the tracks is not only new material, but also a couple of tracks from last year's Foma album.A1. Chord
B1. Veto
B2. Rags
C1. Hair Of The Dog
C2. Child Of The Jago
D1. Saddlebags
D2. Through Gritted Teeth
E1. Lego
E2. Spiller
F1. Stripes
F2. Makes

Chord is dedicated to Davin Gormley, visual artist and designer, close friend of Lukid and longtime collaborator with Werk Discs. Davin sadly passed away in December last year.

No release date yet, will keep you updated on that!

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Oct 14, 2010 Boomkat now has copies in stock, Juno on pre-order

Published on May 31, 2010

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