Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party

Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party

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Oh yes, here's some good news from Kyle Motherfucking Hall. Following at least 10 EPs on renowned labels such as FXHE, Hyperdub, Third Ear Recordings and his own Wild Oats imprint, the young and most gifted Detroit producer has announced the release of his debut album titled The Boat Party. A quote from the press release states that “you can find tracks that have soulful, funky, and organic feels, while others have a more abstract, mechanical, and robotic sentiments”, which basically sounds like this:A1. KIXCLAP$CHORD$NHAT$
A2. Dr. Crunch
A3. Spoof
B1. Flemmenup
B2. Crushed
C1. Finnapop
C2. Grungy Gloops
D1. Measure2Measure

The record will be out in mid-April, no detailed release date yet. However, you can pre-order your copy directly from the label and leave all the trouble to the postman. Oh yes!

Published on March 08, 2013

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