Kidkanevil - Basho Basho Remixed Remixed

Kid Kanevil - Basho Basho Remixed Remixed

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The anticipated follow-up to Kidkanevil's Basho Basho from earlier this year, a remix album titled Basho Basho Remixed Remixed is finally available on his Bandcamp page.

Almost half of the tracks are reworks of his RBMA 2010 fellows, including well established beatsmiths such as LA's Tokimonsta, Manchester Illum Sphere or Germany's Swede:art. But there are more favourites among the cast, take Daedelus, Blue Daisy, Daisuke Tanabe or Throwing Snow.01. Lantern 1 (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
02. Megajoy (TOKiMONSTA's Unsound Bliss Mix)
03. Setsuko (BUG Remix)
04. Land Of Plenty (Throwing Snow Remix)
05. Drunken Master (Swede:art’s Mind Gone Remix)
06. Tintinnabuli (Om Unit’s Drexciyan Meditation Remix)
07. Minjo (Blue Daisy Remix)
08. The Floating World (Eliphino Remix)
09. When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce)
10. Lantern 2 (Cherry Chan + Kiat Remix)
11. Yokai (Daedelus Looks For That Remix)

If you think it's gonna be hard to pick a favourite, you're guess is right. I've chose Blue Daisy's remix, to which you can listen below.

You can get the digital release of Basho Basho Remixed Remixed directly from Kidkanevil‘s Bandpage. Four of the mixes are also available on a limited 12-inch release, and its name suggests there's going to be a second one.

If you're not conviced yet, grab the Daedelus remix for free or listen to the album in full.

Published on November 15, 2010

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