Jneiro Jarel - Fauna

Jneiro Jarel - Fauna

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If you think that Jneiro Jarel‘s last EP on Alpha Pup was a bit of a letdown, his return to the Dutch Kindred Spirits label is probably just what you were waiting for.

Fauna is not only inspired by Brazilian music, it's a dedication to the country's wildlife and reminder of its endangerment. Digging through KC tha Funkaholic‘s record collection, Jneiro found his sources to sample from and discovered artists from Arthur Verocai to Zuco 103. Underneath he put dubby synths and panned around beats, on top he put a layer of sounds from the rainforests and its tropical beats.01. Voice Of The Kayapo
02. Castaju Cajunea
03. Amazonica
04. Rio De Jneiro (Jarumba)
05. Bird Charm
06. Wave Trip
07. Dabuwe
08. Indigo Eden
09. Fauna
10. Can You Compute Bruuhzeel
11. Monkey Hustle (Man On Fire)
12. See Them Cry (Painted Tears)

You can already get Fauna on LP, a CD is set to follow soon. For a real bargain, check out the special packages including a poster and the previously released 7-inch. Again, this is available with LP or CD option.

Published on September 22, 2010

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