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Cover Artwork

Ryota Nozaki, better known as Jazztronik, is one of the busiest cats out there. He releases at least two CDs a year, be it albums, remixes or other compilations, alongside several 12-inches. Not all of them are making it outside of the Japanese market, so it's a bit hard to keep up with his releases.

His latest, Jazztronik Works, is a compilation on two CDs, sporting remixes, studio sessions and various collaborations. Especially the first part is worth listening to, as it features tracks of different styles (though primarily on a house tip), many having been available on pricey import vinyl only. The artists remixed here are all Japanese musicians, including some with fair popularity in the western world like Monday Michiru or Mondo Grosso.01. M Flo - Orbit-3 (Jazztronik G-Street mix - edit version)
02. 愛してる (Jazztronik mix)
03. Mondo Grosso - Samba Do Gato (Hybrid Beats remix)
04. Sungaga T Experience - No Reason No Rhyme (Jazztronik mix)
05. このままで (Jazztronik Remix)
06. Monday Michiru - Sands Of Time (Jazztronik remix - edit version)
07. キミノヒトミニコイシテル (Jazztronik Remix)
08. ウソツキ (Jazztronik Remix)
09. Atami - Under The Sun (Jazztronik remix)
10. Rhymescientist - Roadster (Jazztronik remix)
11. Little Big Bee - KGO (Jazztronik remix - edit version)
12. マツケンサンバ II (Jazztronik Mix)
My favourites are the tracks 1, 3, 4 and 11, all featured on that first CD. I want to leave out the second part of the compilation, which represents the calmer side of Jazztronik - and I was quite disappointed by these tracks. However, you can listen to them here.

You can find Jazztronik Works as import on Juno and Dusty Groove, though ordering from HMV Japan is slightly cheaper and delivered by FedEx. The best bargain I could find was at YesAsia.com.

The next Jazztronik release Lovetronica is already in the pipeline, though I'm not sure whether it's an album or another compilation.

Published on March 01, 2009

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