Instrumentals Forever?

I did my homework when my copy of Moonstarr‘s upcoming album arrived from Japan. Depending on the sources, Instrumentals Forever should have been released in the rest of the world on November 11 or 18. However, there is no information about the release (or its delay) on the Public Transit website or on Kevin Moon‘s MySpace page. Instead the free mixtape from Think Twice has been announced, though it has been available for download for several weeks already (and I didn't find it worthy to mention it). So, I will hold back my little review until the album becomes available outside of Japan (nervous?). Let me just say this: if you liked (and still like) Dupont, you will like the new album as well. Once I hear news, I will keep you posted.

Nov 22, 2008 I got an official confirmation that the album will be released on iTunes December 9 (Dancetracks Digital will follow), and that a vinyl version is planned to follow (thanks Sarah!)

Nov 25, 2008 For the next two weeks, you can buy the album exclusively on Dancetracks

Published on November 20, 2008

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