I:Cube - Falling EP

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

It's been quite a while since Nicolas Chaix has released his last album. Whether you count in his live LP or not, something between four and seven years have passed already. Being a huge fan of both his work as solo-artist and Château Flight I was delighted to hear about his latest release.A1. Falling
B1. Un Dimanche Sans Fin
B2. Operation Hypnosis

So again it's not an album, but some great music nevertheless. Sounds a bit like the improvisations from the (stellar!) Planetarium sessions matured into full-grown tracks. Wouldn't mind to hear some more of that.

The Falling EP is already available from his label Versatile, the vinyl and the MP3s are both available from Juno.

Published on January 11, 2010

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