Hudson Mohawke - Butter

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It's hardly more than the album name and its tracklist, but the debut from Scotland's Hudson Mohawke will be out pretty soon. That's October 12th to be more precise and like the Polyfolk Dance EP it will be released on Warp Records.01. Shower Melody
02. Gluetooth
03. Joy Fantastic (feat. Oliver Daysoul)
04. 3.30
05. Trykk
06. Fruit Touch
07. ZOo00OOm
08. Acoustic Lady
09. Rising 5
10. Twistclip Loop
11. Just Decided (feat. Oliver Daysoul)
12. No One Could Ever
13. Velvet Peel
14. Tell Me What You Want From Me (feat. Dâm-Funk)
15. FUSE
16. Star Crackout
17. Allhot (feat. Nadsroic)
18. Black N Red

As you can see, only two of the tracks have been released before, “Star Crackout” was on Allcity's 7×7 Beat Series and “Velvet Peel” on the already mentioned Polyfolk Dance EP. Another track has been circulating on YouTube for a while.

The Fader has a real treat for you, they are giving away the track Rising 5. Or listen again to that nice NYE Skiffle Mix from last year. Should make the wait a bit easier!

Update In the meantime, Warp has posted an official announcement. From Bleep comes this interview with the man.

Aug 13, 2009 More tracks from the new album can be heard on the latest edition of Future Vintage

Sept 3, 2009 Added cover artwork for the record and posted the audio preview!

Oct 26, 2009 As of today, Butter finally hits the stores on CD and 2xLP. And of course there's a digital download of the album!

Published on August 11, 2009

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