Hit and Hope

The other day, I received a beautifully packaged press kit from Brighton's new Hit and Hope label. Once I removed the shiny silver wrap, it revealed several postcard designs, a poster and a CD sampler. Click below to see it yourself!

Hit and Hope

On the sampler are six tracks from forthcoming releases by Naive Machine and Klic, ranging from bleepy 8-bit beats to deep moody dubstep - just the sound we love and promote on this site.

Naive Machine - Cement Mix (clip):

Klic - Forward (clip):

Expect Naive Machine's single “Cement Mix” out next week on July 19th, later in August Klic should follow. If you're in or around London, you can catch Naive Machine performing live on July 30th at Corsica Studios.

For more on this young label, visit the Hit and Hope website, grab the free download and follow them on SoundCloud, MySpace or Twitter.

Published on July 12, 2010

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