HayZee - Next Level

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

A sweet 8-track download comes from HayZee. The young producer from the Netherlands merges 8-bit tracker sounds with a sound very much alike Flying Lotus. Harmonic 313, 8bitpeoples, Dorian Concept.. it's a bit of everything!01. Press Start
02. Mario vs Megaman (Fanfare)
03. Y3ah
04. Orbitworks (Fireworks)
05. Spacedoll
06. Underwaterways (Grimey Cutman)
07. Last Boss (Final Form)
08. Ending (Reset)

Whether you miss Mario Bros times or you just like fresh sounding music, you can grab the mini-album from Nalden.net! There's also a video along the download.

Published on October 20, 2008

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