Hajime Yoshizawa - Innocent Nocturne

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Sleep Walker's Hajime Yoshizawa returns with his latest album Innocent Nocturne, already his second longplayer on Village Again in 2008 (following Japan).

01. Song To Remember
02. May
03. Jekyll & Hyde
04. Eastern Step
05. Siesta
06. Thursday
07. Cat Chat Poh
08. Summer Backyard
09. Shukaku No Toki

Innocent Nature is on a bit different tip than Yoshizawa's previous work, though it still has that trademark sound. The piano is the dominant instrument here, accompanied by bass and percussion only. It would be easy to imagine this was recorded in the glorious days of jazz, or to hear it performed in a jazz club or hotel lounge. As with all releases on Village Again, the album is only available in Japan, but Juno Records currently has some imports available.

Published on January 05, 2009

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