Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Alt Takes

You probably remember Cosmogramma Fieldlines, an augmented reality app released alongside the last Flying Lotus. It was kinda funny, but also kinda dull. This new one by Jeff Crouse is much better, as it allows you to download the alternate versions of Cosmogramma.01. Flying Lotus - Clock Catcher (Harp Arrangement)
02. Flying Lotus - Catacombs (Extended Version)
03. Flying Lotus - Pickled (Stripped Version feat. MatthewDavid)
04. Flying Lotus - Drips Mix3
05. Flying Lotus - Melting3
06. Flying Lotus - Galaxy in Janaki (2008 Version)
07. Flying Lotus - Galaxy in Janaki (String Solo)
08. Flying Lotus - Computer Face (String arrangement by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
09. Flying Lotus - Archway (Teebs remix)

All it takes is a webcam and a physical copy of the album. To trigger the download, all you have to do is hold the printed side of the CD, side C of the vinyl record. If you purchased a digital copy, you'll have to print the artwork coming with it. Clever use of augmented reality, I really like it!

Update Apparently you don't have to hold side C into the record, it also worked with another side. I also suspect you can do something with that PDF coming with the download, but unfortunately I don't have a printer to try it out myself.

Jan 13, 2011 As already suspected, you will get the Teebs remix using the printed pages of the PDF. Haven't yet figured out how to get tracks 7 and 8, anyone?

Jan 14, 2011 Print the cover artwork of one of the tracks will enable you to download track 7. Only track 8 still missing!

March 15, 2011 Eight of these tracks will be out on 12-inch in mid-April

Published on January 12, 2011

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