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Fly Russia

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German label Error Broadcast and Russian bloggers Gimme5 have teamed up to present a free compilation, showing off the many talented beatmakers from all over Russia.

Over it 17 tracks, it features music from RBMA alumni DZA, Nocow, Pixelord, Lapti or Demokracy, not to mention many new names this compilation will introduce to a worldwide audience.01. Moa Pillar - Water Lily
02. DZA - J-dat Inc. (Listening MD in dub)
03. 813 - Zondor Fo
04. Pixelord - Cheese Freak
05. OL - Kombi
06. Nocow - Dynamicize
07. Save Slaves - Vote
08. Appleyard - Stereo Start
09. Miracle Libido - Synesthesia
10. Maguett - Orange Flame
11. Wols - Batyscaphe Finds a Music Box
12. Demokracy - Shapeshifter
13. Damscray - T-Probe
14. Myown - Let's Make Nice
15. Kontext - Surrogat
16. Nocow - Moai *
17. Lapti - Circadian Rhythms *

* bonus tracks available exclusively on the deluxe digital edition

To give you an impression, Gimme5 is giving away this track for free:

You can listen to two more tracks over at SoundCloud. On September 13, you can download the 192kbit version for free, higher bitrates will be available for purchase from places such as Boomkat, Amazon and iTunes.

September 13, 2010 Compilation is out, get it here!

Published on September 08, 2010

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