Domu - One Offs, Remixes and B-Sides

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

As previously reported, Tru Thoughts is going to release a collection of rare Domu tracks and remixes this June. That's not that far away as it might sound to you, time to give you an update on One Offs, Remixes and B-Sides. Unless you're a collector of Domu's countless releases, you probably never heard some of the tracks featured on this collection.

On the first CD are mostly tracks from previously released 12-inch singles, including rare gems like Message To Omar, Save It or the epic Dangerous Times. You will also find some tracks produced by Domu on that first CD. The other disc gives you a glimpse of Domu's massive remix output. Tru Thoughts selected 13 remixes, most dating from the second half of this century. Maybe not all remixes I would've chosen, but hey - there must be at least enough material to fill 10 CDs!

01. Domu – Collecting Dust
02. Domu – Message To Omar
03. Domu – Last Time feat. Nicola Kramer
04. Chaka Domu & Lady Yolanda - Mash Up (The Dancehall Mix)
05. Nicola Kramer - Best in Me
06. Jinadu - Turning the Tide (Original Mix)
07. Domu – Springbreak
08. Domu - Something New
09. Domu – Quarantine
10. Domu – Dangerous Times
11. Domu - Worldwide (Original Mix)
12. Domu – Taking Flight
13. Domu - Snake Eyes (Edit)
14. Domu– Save It feat. Face

01. The Rebirth – Talking Me Down (Domu Slow Remix)
02. Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Waiting For Your Touch (Domu Remix)
03. Bukola – Hypnotised (Domu's Umod Mix)
04. AC Lewis feat. Ndidi Cascade - Tickles (Domu Remix)
05. Daedelus - Impending Doom (Domu Remix)
06. Small Arms Fiya feat. Ayah - Gotta Decide (Domu Remix)
07. Maddslinky feat. Jenna G - Somethin' Extra (Domu Mix)
08. Nathan Haines – Tell Me (Domu Vocal Mix)
09. Unforscene feat. Alice Russell - Don't You Worry (Domu Remix)
10. Simon Grey – The Galáctica Suite
11. Jazzanova - Soon (Domu Vocal Mix)
12. The Cinematic Orchestra - Man With The Movie Camera (Domu Slow Mo Mix)
13. Broke ‘n' English - Take It Low (Domu Remix)

Preceded by a 12-inch in mid-June, One Offs, Remixes and B-Sides will be released on June 29th - not sure if there will be a digital download of this one.

June 30, 2009 The CD is now available from Juno or EtchShop, downloads can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes and many more.

Published on May 11, 2009

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