Domu - Odyssey

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Papa Trax makes its debut release with an EP from Domu. Papa Trax? That's right, it's a subdivision of UK based Papa Records, focusing on a more club-oriented sound. For the moment there is no information whether Odyssey will be available on vinyl, it can be downloaded exclusively from Traxsource. That makes me think the new label could be a collaboration between Traxsource and Papa Records, but I don't know for certain.01. Odyssey (Main Mix)
02. Odyssey (Instrumental)
03. Odyssey (Dub)
04. Odyssey (Bonus Beats)

Anyways, with Odyssey Domu delivers a sound more (afro-)house than broken, but it has all the trademark elements.

Published on November 04, 2008

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