Domu - Lost Edits

Domu - Lost Edits

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This compilation was released by KJM's Especial label released in Japan in September, but I'm sure there are more Domu fans who have missed this.

As the name already suggests, the CD contains some of Domu's edits which he probably created for personal use mainly. Somebody must have convinced the retired broken beat veteran to share them with the world and if you're into disco and funk, you should definitely check them out.01. Claudja Barry - Give It Up (Domu edit)
02. Roy Ayers - Land Of Fruit & Honey (Domu edit)
03. Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Band - Shadow Dancing (Domu edit)
04. Pleasure - We Have So Much (Domu edit)
05. The Crusaders - Sweet ‘N' Sour (Domu edit)
06. Pleasure - Let's Dance (Domu edit)
07. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let Your Feelings Show (Domu edit)
08. Takanaka - Funky Hola Hola Bird (Domu edit)

If you're in Europe, it might be the easiest to get a copy from Juno. However, importing directly from Japan comes often at the same price (or slightly cheaper) and gets delivered within 24 hours.

Published on November 04, 2010

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