Dimlite - Prismic Tops

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About a year ago, there were first rumours about a new Dimlite album titled Prismic Valuta Rising, but ultimately the project was cancelled. Luckily, some of the remainders will finally see the light of day via the “Prismic Tops EP”. Coming out on Now-Again, it includes the previously heard tracks Kalimba Lifeswamp and “Sun-sized Twinkles”, the latter was featured on the Essential Mix by Flying Lotus.

One of the new tracks is Dimlite's take on Gap Mangione’s “Diana In The Autumn Wind“. The original version was prominently sampled by J Dilla for Slum Village and the Jaylib album. Dimlite's version goes by the name of “Diana Won't” and is offered for his label.

Watch out for the release of Primic Tops, which is set for release on March 23, 2010. In all good record shops!

Update As Dimlite will be playing at Brainfeeder London alongside Flying Lotus, Kode9, Daedelus and many others, Fabric is giving away another track called Béjart.

March 03, 2010 According to Dimlite's page on Facebook the release has been pushed back to May!

March 15, 2010 Apparently Rush Hour has copies in stock for pre-order

March 21, 2010 Stones Throw has both CD and Vinyl available for order

Apr 1, 2010 You can listen to the full EP on Dimlite's Bandcamp pag, it will be available for purchase on May 4, 2010

Published on March 02, 2010

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