Digital Mystikz - Return II Space

Digital Mystikz - Return II Space

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When tracks first popped up on Gilles Peterson or Benji B, the new solo album from Mala was still set for a release in May. Two months later and you still didn't get anything but a watery mouth - until now.

As of today, Return II Space is widely available in all good record stores. The generous use of vinyl already hints at a release of epic proportions: the six tracks are spread over three records - and yes, they are epic! The album has been released under the name of Digital Mystikz, though long-time collaborator Coki seems not to be involved in this one. Here is a preview of all the tracks:

A. Unexpected
B. Pop Pop Epic
C. Mountain Dread March
D. Eyez
E. Livin' Different
F. Return II Space

Without a doubt, this will be on a lot of people's grand list by the end of the year. It's limited. You want it. Juno and Boomkat have it.

Published on July 05, 2010

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