Come On Let's Go

Come On Let's Go

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We had a free compilation yesterday, today we'll already give you another. This time it's our favourite Serbian label Svetlana Industries providing a fine portfolio of their label roster.

As to be expected, the compilation features lots of talent from East European countries, such as Bulgaria's 1000names, Croatia's Josip Klobučar, Slovenian-born 8Bitch, Serbia's Filtercutter or Russian duo Demokracy. Also included is music from Brainfeeder's Teebs and plenty of other names I'm eager to discover.01. Demokracy - Starhaven
02. Prohor - Eye 1
03. Parallel Concept & KOCMOC - 5th Titan
04. Prohor - Eye 2
05. 1000names - Roket Loop '94
06. Prohor - Eyebrow Divide
07. 8Bitch - In The Moog For Love
08. Prohor - Nose
09. Antstar - Thing Ten
10. Polyklinik - Blurred Photographs
11. Prohor - Mouth
12. Filtercutter - Den Piece
13. Prohor - Chin
14. Piece of Shh… - Desert Island
15. Prohor - Underchin
16. Jackhigh - Turbines
17. Josip Klobučar - Two and a half spoons of sugar please
18. Prohor - The Long and Slender Neck
19. Teebs - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

You can download all this for free over at BandCamp - starting tomorrow.

As this is a gapless release, Svetlana advises getting the iTunes version for full listening pleasure!

Published on September 21, 2010

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