Cardopusher - Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up

Compared to my early twens, I've been pretty much out loop when it comes to Kid606's Tigerbeat6 label, but luckily I remained a faithful subscriber to their newsletters. Which is how I heard about this new album from Venezuelan Cardopusher, his third album to date.

If you don't mind crossing the borders between hiphop, dubstep and nineties rave music, you should give it a try. Below you can listen to the full album.

01. Antisharkz
02. Paintbrush
03. Naked In Front Of A Broken Computer
04. Juice In Blender
05. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational)
06. Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up
07. Nice Up (feat. Juakali)
08. Idle Talk
09. Kid606 & Jesse Quattro – Holiday (Cardopusher remix)
10. Tuff TItty Rap
11. Coppertoned Punch
12. Juice In Blender (Mr. Gasparov remix)
13. Coppertoned Punch (Ghosts On Tape remix)

Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up will be out tomorrow and you can choose between CD and a digital release. Get the format of your liking from Bleep or Boomkat.

Published on May 16, 2011

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