Captain Murphy - Duality

Captain Murphy - DualityLast night at Low End Theory, one of the more recent mysteries has been revealed: Flying Lotus himself is Captain Murphy. There has been some speculation about his involvement behind the scenes, but nobody could have expected him to be hiding behind that beard. So, now that we know there is also an official download for the beat tape, which also means that you probably caught a YouTube rip before.

01. Disciples
02. El Topo (Prod. Alejandro Jodorowsky)
03. Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Prod. Flying Lotus)
04. The Ritual (Prod. Just Blaze and Jeremiah Jae)
05. Between Friends Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Prod. Flying Lotus)
06. Children of the Atom (Prod. Madlib and Flying Lotus)
07. Jalapeños (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
08. Gloe (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
09. The Killing Joke (Prod. Flying Lotus)
10. Hovercrafts and Cows (Prod. Flying Lotus)
11. Gone Fishing Ft. Jeremiah Jae (Prod. Flying Lotus)
12. Drive Thru (Prod. SAMIYAM)
13. Immaculation Ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae
14. The Prisoner (Prod. Teebs)
15. ___BONUS Shake Weight (Prod. TNGHT)

Actually, make that two downloads, one for the deluxe version and another for the instrumentals. Comes with separate artworks for each of the tracks, too!

December 3, 2012 Watch Captain Murphy and Earl Sweatshirt performing Between Friends live at Low End Theory, video courtesy of Theo Jemison

Published on November 29, 2012

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