Build An Ark - Love Part 2

Build An Ark - Love Part 2

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The follow-up to one of my favourite albums from last year, Love Part 1, has been available on vinyl for couple of weeks now. For those that don't call a record player their own, there's good news: after a short delay, the second part is now also available as a limited CD release (1000 pieces only!)01. Cosmic Tuning
02. Nature
03. Ginger
04. Say Yes!
05. Improvisation Day 1
06. Improvisation Day 8
07. Cadence of the Messengers
08. What The World Needs Now Is Love
09. Improvisation Day 10
10. Improvisation Day 2

“Mostly taken from the same sessions, Love (part 2) shares the same palette of sounds, but with a looser lean, exploring more improvised passages and off-road episodes.”

Love Part 2 is available now, get the LP or CD from Rush Hour or any other good record store.

Published on June 12, 2010

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