Bembé Ségué - Demo Album

Hold your horses, the title of this post might not be what you expected. It's true though, Bembé Ségué, once known as “the first lady of broken beat”, released a 10 track demo album on her Bandcamp page. The music you're about to hear is about a decade old and many of the tracks sound rough and unfinished - well, they're demos.

This is the demo album - mostly created 10 years ago - and the shape of what was to become that much awaited debut record. Chopped samples, epic live band, bedroom productions and studio outings provide the setting for Bembé's songs and explorations…

Unfortunately, there are no further liner notes about the involved musicians, but I guess some of the usual suspects are involved on this one. You can get the demo album in a variety of digital formats and for a price of your liking over here.

Published on August 01, 2013

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