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Apparat DJ-Kicks

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Over the last 15 years, !K7's DJ-Kicks series has manifested its reputation as one of the best mix CDs. It's no different with the latest installment by Apparat and yet it is different: it's one of the best in the series.

As we didn't feature many mixtapes lately, we'd really like to recommend this one!01. Apparat - Circles
02. 69 - Rushed
03. Telefon Tel Aviv - Lengthening Shadows
04. Apparat - Interlude
05. Luke Abbot - More Room
06. Oval - Legendary
07. Patrice Baumel - Sub
08. Martyn - Miniluv
09. Ripperton - Echocity
10. Cosmin TRG - Tower Block
11. Scorn - Falling (Autechre FR 13 Remix)
12. Born Ruffians - I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)
13. Pantha Du Prince - Welt Am Draht
14. Phon.o - Intervall
15. Burial + Four Tet - Moth
16. Vincent Markowski - The Madness of Moths
17. Ramadanman - Tempest
18. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill
19. Spherix - Lesser People
20. Oval - TV Power
21. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow
22. Apparat - Sayulita (DJ-Kicks)
23. T++ - Worn Down
24. Tim Hecker - Borderlands

As you might know, Sascha Ring programs a lot of his own patches in Max/MSP. In the video below, he talks a bit more about his ways of making music. You might also want to check out a second video, in which he speaks more about making the his DJ-Kicks mix.

Apparat's DJ-Kicks is available since last week. As usual, you can get the mix on CD (Amazon) and digital (iTunes“), some of the tracks are also available on 2-LP. The exclusive Sayulita should be out on 12-inch next week!

Published on November 02, 2010

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