69 - The Legendary Adventures of a Filter King

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Following last year's Sessions compilation, Detroit's Planet E founder Carl Craig prepares to release a limited edition box-set of his 69 releases.

To be released on August 26, this specially designed vinyl package features the out-of-print 12-inches 4 Jazz Funk Classics (1991, PE69-1), Sound on Sound (1993, PE69170), Lite Music (1995, PE69339) and Pungtang (2006, PE 65284). On top of that comes a fifth disc with previously unreleased mixes.

Disc One: 4 Jazz Funk Classics
A1. Ladies & Gentlemen
A2. If Mojo was A.M.
B1. My Machines
B2. Frequency Finale

Disc Two: Sound on Sound
A1. Rushed
A2. Sub Seducer
A3. Sound on Sound
B1. Pois et pas (original)
B2. Filter King

Disc Three: Lite Music
A1. Jam the box
A2. Desire
B1. Microlovr
B2. Jam the box 2

Disc Four: Pungtang
A1. Puntang
A2. Puntang 2
B1. Sub Seducer (Long Mix)
B2. Poi Beats

Disc Five
A1. Poi Et Pas (Unreleased Version)
B1. If Mojo Was A.M. (Extended Version)

Please note that this special edition is limited to only 500 copies worldwide, 100 of them contain an exclusive t-shirt. Pre-orders can be made at Rush Hour, Clone Records or Juno.

I remember reading somewhere, that Carl Craig wants to maintain a very careful policy on which of the label's classic records will be re-released. Consequentially, The Legendary Adventures of a Filter King should be regarded as an exception for a few lucky ones.

Update Planet E's Facebook page has some more images of the artwork made by Machine

Sep 1, 2009 This fine boxset is now available for purchase, try the links above!

Sep 11, 2009 Got my boxset today, the design of the box is very beautiful and each of the discs comes in a different color. I'm happy I got me this! However, the t-shirt doesn't look great at all and the printing quality isn't the best either.

Published on July 28, 2009

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