4hero presents Extensions

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Following the rumours on their very own message board, new details about the upcoming 4hero album are now official.

Rather than delivering another remix compilation for the dancefloor, Marc and Dego decided to take a different approach this time. Extensions will contain 12 reinterpretations by hand picked jazz artists, including Robert Mitchell 3io (remember this video?), the Sonar Kollektiv Orchester, Christian Prommer's DrumLesson and many more.01. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Universal Love
02. Nu Tropic - Why don't you talk?
03. Landau Orchestra - Conceptions
04. Christian Prommer's DrumLesson - Planeteria
05. Robert Mitchell 3io - Third Stream
06. Ayanna Witter Johnson - Give In
07. Luke Parkhouse with The Sharkfood Orchestra - Blank Cells
08. Christian Badzura & Liverpool Session Orchestra - Sophia
09. Andre Zimma vs Ye:Solar feat. Oezlem - Cosmic Tree
10. Vince Vella's Cuban Collective - People Always Criticize Us
11. The Sub Ensemble - Humans
12. [re:jazz] - Star Chasers

<a href="https://4hero.bandcamp.com/album/4hero-presents-extensions" target="_blank">Universal Love - Sonar Kollektiv Orchester by 4hero</a>

The album will drop on October 26, more infos can be found here.

Aug 31, 2009 Extensions can now be pre-ordered at Amazon, HMV or Play.com

Published on August 09, 2009

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