Weekend Mixtapes #41

I started this post on November 21st, but never got around to publish it. It has grown in numbers of mixes since then and just would like to get this out quickly, before I forget (or the mixes go offline!)

-Welcome to the Room #38 /w Funkineven
-Congenial Blue Mix by Larry Gus
-Spectral Sounds Vol. 003 by Lay Far
-Vondelife by Vondelpark
-Our World by Nicolas Jaar (a tribute to John Lennon)
-The Trilogy Tapes on NTS Live 12.12.13
-The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show /w Floating Points
-Hessle Audio Best of 2013 part 1 (direct link!)

Also, let's not forget our last podcast, available for stream and download!

Published on December 21, 2013

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