The Clonious presents his Vienna

No need to introduce The Clonious, young Vienna-based producer with his debut album Between The Dots out on Ubiquity Records, and good friend of Dorian Concept.

He has put out this DJ mix, I suspect it was made for Lefto's radio-show - that's what it says on the SoundCloud page.

The Clonious presents his Vienna (download)
01. Intro
02. The Clonious - One At A Time (Funked Up Version)
03. Dorian Concept - Sockface
04. Cid Rim - Secret Of His Pencil
05. JR&PH7 - Lets Move feat. Skyzoo (The Clonious Mix)
06. Waxolutionists - On feat. Frank Nitty (Cid Rim Mix)
07. Dorian Concept - Get Your Own Submarine
08. Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Clonious Bootlegish Ish)
09. Jitsvinger - Kaapsedoktor (Lehrl Mix)
10. The Clonious - Agenda
11. Ritornell - The Light feat. Andreya Triana
12. Sam Irl - Lakes
13. The Clonious - Leaving Believe
14. Ogris & Debris - Mietzekatze
15. The Clonious - Armoury Hardaway
16. Cid Rim - Chop Suey Cide Step
17. The Clonious - 693 Ballons feat. Dorian Concept & Cid Rim

As the name suggests, he showcases all kinds of music from his hometown Vienna, including some unreleased gems from Dorian and himself. If you prefer streaming or you just want to leave a comment, you can do it here!

Published on December 09, 2009

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