Planet E: Talking Shopcast

Maybe not quite as good the Stylin tribute to Carl Craig, but still a great retrospective of Planet E‘s late discography. But then it's really all about this interview, the mix by Monty Luke is only a bonus.

Talking Shopcast with Planet E01. Paul Woolford - Achilles (promo edit)
02. Franck Roger - Re-Scape
03. Agent X - Driftin
04. Kirk Degiorgio - Vesuvio
05. Quadrant - Hyperprism (edit)
06. Psycatron feat. Blake Baxter - She Is Music (promo edit)
07. Newworldaquarium - Trespassers
08. Reference - Best Night in Detroit
09. The Oliverwho Factory - Nightlights (C2 Bonus Beats)
10. Monty Luke - Art, Love & War (C2 Version)
11. Paperclip People - Slam Dance
12. Paperclip People - Clear and Present

Oh, and for the download just click on the image!

Published on September 08, 2010

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