Sven Swift - I'm Odd Fashioned pt. 1

Sven Swift - I'm Odd Fashioned Pt. 1

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You know Sven Swift best from his work as Error Broadcast label manager or you probably came across one of his mixtapes before. A couple of weeks ago, he asked if I wanted to host his jazz mixtape and today it's finally going up.

I'm Odd Fashioned pt. 1 (stream)
01. Eric Dolphy - Hat & Beard
02. Joe Henderson - Black
03. Antônio Carlos Jobim - God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun
04. Bobby Hutcherson - Idle While
05. John Coltrane - Lonnie's Lament
06. Sam Rivers - Involution
07. Pharoah Sanders - Colors

But let's hear about Sven's motives for digging out some jazz records rather than the ill beats from all corners of the world (like Russia.)

The 1960s were awesome times for Jazz music, or more precisely, Anti-Jazz music. Pioniered by the likes of Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane, young US American Jazz cats shifted the genre to a whole new level exploring the modal qualities of Jazzmusic. At the edges of Free and Avantgarde Jazz (the New Thing!), music full of beauty and adventure was created.

My two-parts mixtape showcases a small selection of artists and songs from this period of time I found matching each other, somehow. There's a certain atmosphere of odditiy about each work, bridging antithetic artists as Sam Rivers and Antonio Carlos Jobim or Anthony Williams and Charles Mingus.

As if you didn't know, there will be a second part available some time next week. Only, you won't find it here, it will be hosted and posted by our mates of You'll Soon Know. And that's not the only good reason to check their blog!

October 18, 2010 As promised, here's the second part of this mix..

Published on October 11, 2010

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