Spargel Trax

Spargel Trax Vol. 1 & 2

Not only lies Record Store Day more than a month in the past, the asparagus season is almost over as well. As But discovering good music is never too late, so let us talk about Spargel Trax. The connection between vinyl and asparagus (Spargel in German) might not seem obvious, but the date of asparagus harvest coincides with Record Store Day. Hence London's Don't Be Afraid label decided to bring together their love for delicious vegetables and jacking house beats.

1. Lily - Dollen Haze
2. Freeman - Points D'Amour
3. Herbaceous - Love Tips
4. Spargel-Tarzan - Sauce Hollandaise
5. James Duncan - Bed Stuy Beat
6. Untitled-W - Green & White
7. Slazenger's People - Basel Piss Test
8. Melvin Elephant 303 - Spargel Jack

Mr Beatnick, who released two excellent EPs on Don't Be Afraid, put together this Ich Liebe Spargel minimix to give you a taste of both EPs. And since it's all about taste, each record contains a recipe how to make the perfect asparagus - that's what I call dedication.

Guessing from the numbers stamped on my copies, there might be only 300 of each record available. If these got your mouth watering, get them from Juno, HHV or Boomkat!

Published on June 03, 2012

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