Sam Irl Dubstep Mix

Sam Irl is a 23-year old kid out of Bavaria, who moved to Vienna to study recording engineering, and play the jazz piano, synthesizers, samplers and vintage drum computers. He's been into making beats for 8 years, and had several releases on Pulver Records and Bonzzaj Recordings. Being a regular DJ all over Vienna, he recently recorded a dubstep mix and made it available via Myspace.

Sam Irl Dubstep Mix
01. Asbo - Abso 1
02. Sam Irl - Healing Forces
03. Kromestar - Marz Attack
04. Coki - Red Eye
05. Sam Irl - People
06. N-Type - Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix)
07. Unknown - I Don't Give A Dub
08. Jakes - 3Kout
09. Coki - The Sign

The tape runs only for about 30 minutes, but it has a nice collection of tunes including some of Sam's own production.

Published on January 11, 2009

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