Nite Jewel - A Mix for David Barrett

Ramona Gonzales aka Nite Jewel recorded a mix for the Other People's Poetry series by the Your's Truly blog. Probably not the regular mixtape you'd expect to read about here, but never the less an interesting journey through Ramona's musical influences.01. Steve Thomsen - Hour Angle
02. Collie Ryan - We're Gettin By
03. Woo - Wallpaper
04. Aphex Twin - Radiator
05. Stellar OM Source - Xlandia
06. Miles Davis - Blue In Green
07. Tim Hecker - Night Flight to Your Heart
08. Kurt Rosenwinkel - Dream/Memory?
09. Cluster - Proantipro
10. Gas - Königsforst 04
11. Iasos - Crystal Petals
12. Cluster - In Ewigkeit

So why don't you give it a try, you can download for free! Oh, and have you seen the latest Nite Jewel video yet?

(via Inaudible Answer)

Published on November 23, 2010

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