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Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

As I'm in a jazzy mood this week, I got something else to share with you. From my favourite vintage-design blog Grain Edit comes an exclusive mix of spiritual jazz records. It was put together by Mike Cina, who is the guy behind YouWorkForThem, a great website for design resources.01. Marion Brown - Bismillahi
02. John Coltrane - The Sun
03. Adele Sebastian - Desert Fairy Princess
04. The Clifford Jordan Quartet - John Coltrane
05. Lloyd Miller - Gol-E-Gandom
06. Pharoah Sanders - Love is Everywhere
07. Hino and Garper - Red Eye Special
08. Carlos Garnett - Mother of the Future
09. Doug Carn - God is One
10. Heikki Sarmanto - Duke and Trane

Well, I'm not giving you a direct download link, so you can enjoy the record-covers from each song and read a little interview with their owner. This is the link you are looking for!

Published on August 21, 2009

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