Ka§par - The Reach Out Vol. 1

Following his Get Ready mix the other week, Portugal's Ka§par presents a new selection of house music by friends, his Groovement label-mates and some of his own output.

01. (Intro) Scary Effects and Sounds vol.2 (thunder storm and howling dog)
02. Oratai Sound Salon - Lighthouse (Theo Parrish remix)
03. TNT Subhead - Deep Shit Show (Neurotic Drum Band Remix)
04. Ka§par - Fashionable Friends
05. Mr Bird - Different Train
06. Johnwaynes - Turn On
07. Ka§par - Slum Dunk
08. Mirror People - Echo Life (Social Disco Club Remix)
09. Ka§par - Path of Spheres
10. Funk Ethics - Give (Mr. Bird Remix)
11. Gerd - Untitled
12. Florian Muller Project - Nous 2
13. Ka§par - So Right (Gerd's Old School Mix)
14. Alkalino - Pull You Through
15. Alex FX - Return
16. Photonz - Aquarian Ball
17. Ka§par - Whatchadoo (Vahagn Remix, Digital)
18. Red Rack'em - It Happens To Us All
19. Manaboo feat. Curtis Mayfield

You can download from Ka§par's SoundCloud page, where you can also leave him a comment. He's got new music out on Groovement and 4lux, he also did an interview with us a while back and mixed one of our podcasts.

Published on August 31, 2010

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