K15 - An Introduction To Kaidi Tatham

London's K15 pays tribute to one of the greatest living musicians (note the emphasis on musician), one of the key figures of the broken beat scene, the magnificent Kaidi Tatham.

01. Kaidi Tatham - Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
02. The Blaktonez – Flying High (You And I)
03. Blakai - Don't Stop
04. Likwid Biskit - Inner War
05. Agent K - Ladies
06. DKD - Future Rage
07. Izzi Dunn - Outta My Hands (Agent K remix)
08. Dego & Kaidi Tatham - Ain't Nothin You Can't Feel
09. Supa7 - Innazone
10. Shokazulu - Dis Yah One I Love
11. Gene Harris - Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong (Bugz In The Attic Rework)
12. Kaidi Tatham - Organic Juggernaut
13. Kaidi Tatham & Dego - Got Me Puzzled
14. Allen Hoist - With Love (Kaidi Tatham Mix)
15. Modaji - Shocka's Joint
16. Agent K - Feed The Cat
17. Cousin Cockroach & Shox - King Tut, Fool
18. Cousin Cockroach - This Ain't No Tom & Jerry
19. Silhouette Brown - Check If (Calling You)

For those that still don't know his name, check out the impressive list of credits on Discogs and get yourself educated by this wonderful mix. To be honest, I wasn't familiar with a couple of these (or had forgotten about them) and had to ask K15 to complete the trackslist. Big up for including the Modaji joint!

Available for free download for a limited time, be quick!

Published on March 21, 2012

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