Fremdblend 4.0 mixed by DJ Mace

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen much sun on the weekend… mostly rain! But then there are things that make even a rainy day pleasant, such as the latest mixtape from the Fremdtunes family. Featuring mostly new or unreleased music, it was put together by label co-founder DJ Mace.

01. Fremdkunst – Pictures at an 1889 exhibition (re-edit unmastered)
02. Soosh – Everything you say (Sekuoia Remix)
03. OptiMace – From Lizzie with love (Big Mister Doom Remix)
04. DJ Optimus – Das experiment
05. Emufucka – Paths to otherwhere (Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie Remix) (unmastered)
06. Fremdkunst – Çe soir (live 2009 ft Mete Erker, Optimus, Shycop & Vindictiv)
07. Big Mister Doom – Wilderness (OptiMace Remix ft iET & Budy Mokoginta)
08. Saccage ft DJ Mace & Shycop – Irie for the heads (unmastered)
09. Kelpe – Inklitter
10. Kid Sundance – Clarks' revenge
11. Moods – My story (unmastered)
12. Emufucka – Time wizard (Quarta330 Remix) (unmastered)
13. Pierce Warnecke – Re-processed
14. Planes – Brevity pact (unmastered)
15. Fremdkunst – To concentrate, to become exhausted (original version)
16. Ben Butler & Mousepad – Pepperoni e lee (unmastered)
17. R&R Grooove Xpress – Ti amo (de la fonque)
18. Julian Edwardes – Mudslide (unmastered)
19. Coco Bryce – Bright lit (unmastered)
20. Also sprach Atari st1040

The mix is available for download from the Fremdtunes page on Soundcloud. For more of those, you can also check out their past mixes on Mixcloud.

Published on July 22, 2012

  • MMXXI © Nutriot Recordings