DEEK: Short Attention Spam Vol. 1

Yesterday, Bullion was playing at the Young Turks special at Boiler Room, today he's sharing a DEEK mini-mixtape. Sounds like music that could potentially come out on his label, or maybe that's bunch of his monikers. Wild speculation. The only track we know about is Fixxx by his new band Nautic.

01. Hello To Deek (with Mr Swimming Pool)
02. BLLUDD RELATIONS - Even Steven
03. Jesse Hackett - Many People Of The Songbird (Demo)
04. Bullion - Save Your Lubb
05. Nautic - Fixxx
06. Otis - HMRC Lament
07. Blue Roses - Dream Story (Demo)
08. Bullion - Health
09. Van Conk - I'm On Fire When I'm In Reverse
10. Louis Hackett - Theme For Florence

No download, but what is wrong with streaming in the age of always online?

Published on December 06, 2012

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