Beats in Space with Recloose

I always liked the music by Recloose better when he was still making it in Detroit, Cardiology has to be one of the best albums recorded in the last decade. On the way to this year's Movement festival in his former home, he visited NYC to play on Beats in Space.01. Disco D - Chicago (Kon Edit)
02. Pablo Sanchez - Glory Stories (Recloose Test Remix)
03. Illja Rudman - Calypso (Extended Mix)
04. Model 500 - Make Some Noise
05. Virgo - So You Know Who You Are
06. Jackname Trouble - Light Again (KiNK Mix)
07. Recloose - Can't Take It (Carl Craig Remix)
08. Jackmate - Carrier
09. Starblazers - Sunshine (Beta Final)
10. Gary Toms - Hurricane
11. Daniel Wang - Shadows
12. Young Marco - Moving Fast (Very Slowly)
13. Andres - Body And Soul
14. Eddie Chill Posada & Cole Medina - Don't Byte Our Styli
15. Jacques Renault - Miranda
16. House Master Baldwin - Don't Lead Me (The Delicate Genius Edit)
17. Ricardo Miranda - Black Acid

On this mix he show that he hasn't forgotten about his roots. You can download it here!

Published on June 02, 2010

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