Atjazz is Keeping It Deep

It was only in May when Martin Iveson announced the winners of the Atjazz Remix Contest. In his latest Keeping It Deep podcast you can now listen to the whole top-20 remixes. I must say it feels a bit awkward to listen to the same track in the mix for nearly an hour, but there are some marvelous remixes included.

Atjazz - Keeping It Deep 15 (download)
01. 25 Places Dub Treatment
02. A Touch Of Acid Remix
03. Deejay Kul Remix
04. Anton Lanski Remix
05. Dwight Brown Deephouse Remix
06. Monosoul Full Vocal
07. Neil Maclean Remix Demo
08. Realmz Remix
09. Robotalco Deeptalco Dub
10. Skyence Remix
11. Soulscience Remix
12. The Bulletz Rework
13. Tsigaras Apostolos Remix
14. Fireworm Remix 2
15. Gavin Boyce Remix
16. GB's Smooth and Easy Remix
17. Fromwood Old Summer Remix
18. The Sicilian Crew Remix
19. B'Mark's Re-Though Remix
20. Mr Moon Remix

Unfortunately, the top 20 is no longer available for listening on Atjazz's SoundCloud page.

The release date for the winning entries has not yet been announced, I will keep you updated on that one!

Published on June 04, 2009

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