Some Record Covers… part 2

About a week ago, I showcased some of my favourite record covers this year. At the time I also asked Belgian musician, designer and shop owner Dynooo for his opinion on the matter. The reason I picked him was simple: the artwork for his own Gum Dragon EP impressed me a lot and I've been a huge fan of his delivery post articles for his Mac Fly shop.

I credited the artwork where possible, among the designers above are Wallzo (Hot Chip), Laura Brothers (Warp 2010), Chris Johanson (Quasi) and Maya Hayuk (BFlecha).

A selection off his favourite all-time record covers comes from Nitzan Hermon, London based designer, the founder of Save Vinyl and head of Fine Art Recordings.

Find out more about the artists: Build founder Michael C. Place (Warp10+2), C100 Purple Haze (Funkstörung), Machine (I:Cube), photographer Dan Holdsworth (Jacen Solo), Non-Format (Motohiro Nakashima) or Oliver Kartak (K&D).

Published on June 26, 2010

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