Interview with Swede:art

Following yesterday's podcast, I was having a chat with Swede:art to give him a proper introduction to those that don't know him. You probably read this already, but I decided to seperate the interview from the podcast post.

How did you first discover your love for music?
I come of really musical background, my parents and sister are musicians too, that's why I'm a little bit determined to love and do music. I'm really discovering it for 5 or 6 years or so. At the beginning I was trying to gather skills as an MC, but soon I realized that I'm more into DJing and producing stuff. And that's my bounty of nature I think. Couldn't live without it and I think I'm really living under a rhythm.

What came first, playing records or making beats?
First of all I was a DJ and discovered the beauty of beatmaking later on. I've been DJing for 3 years now and producing for about 2 years.

I hear you're releasing an album on Tokyo Dawn, what can we expect?
Oh yea, I think you can expect some jazzy and electronical beat goodness together with my man Duktus from Soulbasta. It's a collaborative LP, if you want, running under a new-fledged project-name featuring the finest sort of singers, producers and MCs, it's gonna be great! Watch out for this one, it'll be out in early 2010.

Any other projects apart from that?
Yea, I just did a bouncy remix for the upcoming Remix LP of Tokyo Dawn's best Comfort Fit. His groundbreaking Polyshufflez LP got remixed by huge artists like Domu, Opolopo, Laurent Garnier and other big kats. I'm really proud being able to do a remix for this!

You will be part of the RBMA 2010, what are your expectations?
Just everything, that's all I can say. I'm looking forward to everything happening there. It'll be massive. I know it.

So, you made this nice mixtape for this blog. What can you tell about it?
Oh, I just tried to start with some new tracks at the beginning, going on with some classic Stones Throw ish, trying to speed up a little bit and playing two tracks from Passau-based producers. Yes, and I'm going down with the tempo after the loud dubstep part.

For more of Swede:art's music, be sure to visit his SoundCloud and MySpace pages, or connect with him via Twitter. On SoundCloud you will also find some of his older mixtapes. The tracks above were taken from the free ABC Alphabeat compilation, which you can download here.

Published on October 27, 2009

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